Welcome To Bayside

Hey there! We're so glad you visited us today, and we hope to see you again soon!

Allow us to introduce ourselves: Bayside exists to reach people far from God and to show them how to follow Jesus step by step. We provide fun and encouraging resources and weekend messages, even for those who don't live near our campuses.  

No matter where you are, we consider you part of the Bayside Family, so let's keep in touch!

We believe in reaching wide.

We believe in teaching deep. 

We believe in unleashing compassion.

Our message series will always be highly inspirational, incredibly practical, and always biblically-based. 

That's why we partner with hundreds of local and global organizations to meet not only physical needs, but to ultimately share the love of Jesus. 


We will go to great lengths to get people in front of Jesus.

Thank you for visiting!